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Commercial secrets, intellectual property, personal data and other sensitive information are important assets to be protected and properly managed, by Corporate, in accordance with security procedures and privacy laws.

Depei Solution allows to shred internal and confidential data stored not only on classic paper support but also on optical, magnetic and electronic supports (CD, DVD’s, Floppy, ID Cards, Smart Cards, USB, Hard Disk and so on), thanks to its wide solution range of Shredder, compacting and degaussers.

After shredding, the waste material reduced into small particles can be easily collected for disposal and transported, reducing logistic costs and contributing to the recycling process.


Government and security bureau, police and military department, that need to safeguard national security, confidential and sensitive information stored in paper or other small media supports, can rely on high security levels of Depei shredders and high performances of Depei degausser. In both cases data are no longer recoverable in compliance with confidentiality requirements of national and international institutions.


Banks, telecom and insurance, that need to protect, accurately manage and destroy clients’ personal confidential information, financial Cards, internal sensitive data can rely on Depei products, complying with international security standards for the confidential data management such as PCI DSS, VISA, MASTERCARD, UNIONPAY and many other.


Companies IT dpt. and electronic equipment manufacturers that need to manage and dispose e-waste, can rely specifically on the Depei S series shredding capabilities. Beside, through Depei sorting devices the small shredded particles can be separated into plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous ones, transforming every scrap and destruction waste into a valuable resource to be recycled avoiding to waste natural resources.


Depei products are also suitable for casinos where large amounts of fish and dices are to be periodically shredded. Depei hard roller cutting tools allow even to shred harder material as plastics in a quick and safe way, furthermore the waste volume reduction ensures to save space and reduce logistic costs.