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CH-M200 SD – Combi System: Shredder and Hard Drive Degausser

CH-M200 SD shredder and degausser both shreds paper and small media supports and degausses hard drives in a single solution. Nowadays more than in the past, the protection and erasing of confidential digital information have become crucial and strictly ruled by specific law and standard, so it is the choice and adoption of a reliable system in order to manage the data destruction correctly. The CH-M200 SD degaussing module is the only solution in the market able to degauss two hard drives at the same time and erase high coercivity data from magnetic based storage devices and removable magnetic media by applying a strong magnetic fieldthat guarantees compliance with safety requirements of CE and confidentiality requirements of Chinese State Secrecy Bureau and PLAISTEC. With its magnetic field intensity of 15000 Gauss the CH-M200 SD can easily erase also large capacity, high-density magnetic media hard drives quickly, uniformly, at once. Its erasing area can contain 2 hard drives (width 8.9 cm) or 8 hard drives (width 6.35 cm) with a total capacity of 4TB per cycle. With its user-friendly touch screen LCD interface the CH-M200 SD can afford about 100 cycles continuously, making it possible to process up to 800 media devices per hour. The destruction is complete and the data are no longer recoverable through PC or lab processes. The CH-M200 SD shredding module is able to shred high volume of paper and folders, unaffected by staples or paper clips, and confidential information stored in CDs, floppy disks, credit cards, USBs at once. Thanks to its user friendly console, integrated auto reverse and cut-off to avoid paper jam, bin-full auto shut down, dustproof closed housing, the CH-M200 SD is comfortable to use, preserving efficient destruction of confidential data in compliance with DIN 32757-1 security level 3, and DIN 66399 up to P4 security level and high hourly output. As optional, the CH-M200 SD can be linked with a barcode kit.